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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 20, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, we have a winner. someone hit big. hitting the right numbers in the giant powerball jackpot. where the ticket was sold, and are there any other winners out there? breaking right now, the truce in ukraine appears to be over with more bloodshed and chaos overnight. new details from witnesses in the middle of all of it. run for cover. video captures a group of guys trying to break into a woman's home, but she was armed and ready. and holy gusts. the pope battles mother nature during prayer and takes it all in stride. good morning.
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i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. >> and i'm john muller. someone in california is waking up much richer winning the sixth largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. >> that lucky person bought the single winning powerball ticket at a chevron station in milpitas in the bay area. the ticket is worth $425 million, $242 million in a lump sum payout. this gas station just ten miles from where december's $648 million jackpot was won. >> so someone went to the gas station, probably got some gas, walked in, said, hey, i'm going to get a couple tickets tonight and won $425 million. >> that chevron station, by the way, will receive a million dollar bonus at least for selling the winning ticket. you wonder if that person is even awake and knows that they are rich. >> what a surprise he or she is in for. all right. this morning's other story, breaking news from ukraine where that fragile truce declared last night is falling apart.
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>> take a look there. live pictures from kiev where fierce fighting between police and protesters has started up again. police have opened fire on thousands of demonstrators armed with rocks and molotov cocktails. we're getting word from abc news producer bruno roeber that the battles have turned deadly. >> the cease-fire has broken down. what i'm seeing out of my hotel room, as i speak to you now, are pitched battles on the street strangely unbalanced. i saw with my own eyes government security forces start firing live rounds directly at protesters from close range. i've seen several protesters hit. >> another abc producer was fired on but is okay. at least ten have been killed. the toll since tuesday is now approaching forward. it's between pro-western citizens and the pro-russian government. there is word that at least one ukrainian athlete has left the
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olympics in sochi in protest over the deadly violence at home. others may soon follow. a quickly changing situation. we'll have the latest coming up on all of this. stay tuned for "good morning america." well, homeland security officials are warning about a possible new threat for airline passengers, one that sounds very familiar. >> they say shoes are being used to smuggle explosives onto commercial jets. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: this morning, a new warning about terrorism on board airplanes. sources tell abc news new intelligence obtained from overseas suggests that terrorists are working on new designs for shoe bombs, liquid explosives and explosives hidden in cosmetic containers that could be used to target flights entering the u.s. from overseas. >> i think aviation symbolizes something to al qaeda that the idea that you can take down a plane and kill potentially hundreds of people both that are on the plane and on the ground is very appealing. >> reporter: although no specific plot has been identified, passengers flying to the united states can expect additional pat-downs and extra
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scrutiny of their shoes and carry-on items. >> we're going to see more activities, more screening, more random questions to individuals. >> reporter: if the threat of a shoe bomb sounds familiar, it is. in december 2001 richard reid was caught on board a u.s.-bound flight trying to light his shoes. the shoe bomb, which contained a powerful plastic explosive, failed to detonate, but here is a simulation of what it could have done. the incident led to u.s. airport passengers having to almost always take off their shoes so they can be x-rayed. this latest warning comes only weeks after homeland security told airlines to be on the lookout for explosives hidden inside toothpaste on board flights headed to the sochi winter olympics. congress recently held hearings about whether these security concerns are overkill. some people say they are, but given these latest warnings, they may be reconsidering that. john and marci. >> all right, tahman bradley live in washington. thank you. two former navy s.e.a.l.s have been found dead on the
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cargo ship made famous after it was hijacked by somali pirates five years ago. the men were working as security officers on the "maersk alabama," but police are not saying how they died. former troops are often used to protect ships from pirate attacks. the film "captain phillips" starring tom hanks was inspired by the hijacking of the "maersk alabama." well, in colorado another delay in the aurora movie theater murder trial. a judge has ordered another mental exam for suspect james holmes. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity on charges that he murdered 12 people and tried to kill many more. new fallout this morning in the miami dolphins bullying scandal. the team has fired offensive line coach jim turner and head athletic trainer kevin o'neill. an investigation found both men played roles in the harassment instigated by guard richie incognito and two teammates. their main target, tackle jonathan martin, who left the team midseason. all right, now we go to the olympics. there are just a couple of days left in the sochi games.
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some high-profile women's sports wrapping up today. >> and the sun is back out there again today. team usa looking to finish up like it did yesterday on the medals podium. abc's kirit radia is in russia. >> reporter: another day, another gold for team usa. skier ted ligety raced into the record books by dominating in the giant slalom. >> this is an event that i really wanted to win the most. this is the event that, you know, i've worked the hardest over the last couple of years, and i was the favorite. >> reporter: ligety made history becoming the first american man to win two olympic gold medals in alpine skiing, something an american woman did in 1952. ligety got his first gold eight years ago in his olympic debut. >> to be the first gold medalist in giant slalom for the u.s. is a pretty cool feeling. it's cool to be able to know that you're among some of the u.s. legends of the sport and, you know, adding to that tradition of ski racing in the u.s. >> reporter: and there was another u.s. win for the record books in women's bobsled.
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lauryn williams, a sprinter who already has gold and silver from three summer olympics, glided to a silver medal along with her teammate. williams is now one of just five athletes with medals from both winter and summer games. a second american team took bronze. it was the first time the u.s. has won two medals in women's bobsledding. in men's hockey, team usa easily defeated the czech republic, 5-2 advancing to the semifinals against their rivals and defending champs, canada. the russians were eliminated in a 3-1 loss to finland dashing high hopes for the host nation. on the ice today, the u.s. women's hockey team goes for the gold against canada. they're looking to make up for a 3-2 defeat to the canadians in the preliminary round. and american gracie gold enters today's final figure skating performance in fourth place. kirit radia, abc news, moscow. >> and they are handing out medals today in five events. >> all right, here's the medals count as the events start getting under way again. the u.s. starts the day in the
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lead. norway now has the most gold medals. and taking a look at the weather here at home, violent storms will plague the nation's midsection from the gulf coast up to the great lakes. the upper midwest is in for a blizzard, but the east coast will be dry. >> and much of the upper half of the country will be in the mid to upper 40s today. los angeles will hit 81. miami will reach 83. coming up, one guy's simple idea that facebook just bought for $19 billion. plus, daring and deadly. the lethal drinking game sweeping social media. and stunning defeat. college basketball gets its most unexpected upset of the season.
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welcome back. facebook has made a blockbuster buy picking up a popular app for $19 billion. the text messaging service whatsapp has 450 million users and adds another million every day. facebook is hiring all of whatsapp' employees which is kind of ironic. four years ago whatsapp creator brian acton said facebook turned me down. it was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people. looking forward to life's next adventure and now he's on facebook's board. the largest clothing retailer in the country is giving its workers a raise. gap says it'll pay a minimum of $9 an hour this year and $10 next year. this as many states and congress consider raising minimum wages. gap has 65,000 employees in its six chains, which include banana republic and old navy. the question for capital one users may not be so much what's in your wallet as who's at your
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door? buried in the fine print of its credit card agreement is that the company can contact you however it wants, even with a personal visit. that has some customers upset and capital one says it is reconsidering that clause. all right. along with their coaches and trainers, u.s. medal winners at the olympics may need accountants. >> each medal comes with a cash prize, and that is considered earned income abroad. the medalists may have to pay as much as 39% of it in taxes. >> that doesn't seem right. >> no fair. when we come back, the wrong house to mess with. a group of burglars go running for their lives when a mom decides to fight back. and pontiff problems. how mother nature gave the pope a bit of a hard time. pope a bit of a hard time. [poof!] [beep]
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there it goes, the end for a local australian landmark. the 65-story smokestack in sydney was toppled in a controlled explosion, and thousands of people watched as 7,000 tons of concrete, steel and bricks crashed to the ground. wow. >> why am i so riveted by these things? i guess everybody is. >> i know. it's amazing. all right. here at home, a look at morning road conditions. blizzard conditions will make driving dangerous in the upper midwest. drivers in the nation's midsection may experience violent storms. roads in the pacific northwest are likely to be slippery. and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, chicago, detroit, memphis, atlanta, new orleans and houston. major medical news this morning. some of the nation's top doctors warning that too many babies are being delivered by cesarean section. >> one in three women giving birth across the country today are having a c-section, and leading ob/gyn groups say in many cases they may be unnecessary. women who undergo planned
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c-sections have a three times higher rate of serious problems including death. a new type of leukemia therapy is showing promising results. the approach trains the body's own immune system to fight a specific type of leukemia by modifying the patient's immune cells. in a small new study, about 88% of trial patients are in remission with this new therapy. a dangerous online drinking game spreading across the globe with some deadly consequences. it's a challenge called neck neknominated. it plays out on social media. people post videos of themselves downing a strong concoction of booze then they nominate friends to outdo them. neknominate is being blamed for at least five lives, all men, under the age of 30. two more men under arrest after a dramatic high-speed chase near minneapolis. the home invasion suspects got on the highway. they went the wrong way with police in hot pursuit. the men were weaving through oncoming cars as fast as 100 miles an hour going for two miles. they did finally crash. police say they only continued with that chase because they
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thought the kidnapping victim was inside the car. former "friends" star lisa kudrow is expected to take the stand in a los angeles courtroom today in a legal battle over her "friends" fortune. former manager scott howard is suing kudrow for $1.7 million claiming he guided her career for 16 years and then was let go. well, the problem for him and for jurors deciding the case, they had no written contract. a detroit woman says she did not have time to be scared when three intruders broke into her house. she says she was home along with her two children when she heard someone kicking in her door. she grabbed her gun, issued a loud warning and then opened fire. now, it was all caught on surveillance video. >> i let them know i had a gun once they was in the house, and they challenged me and said i don't have a gun. so that's when i shot off the first round. i wasn't feeling anything at the moment. i got scared afterwards. >> wow.
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the three teen intruders took off, but police eventually caught up with them. >> wow. and now our sports highlights including that major upset in college basketball we mentioned earlier. >> yeah, here to fill us in, our friends at espn. hey, ready for some sports? my pen has a light on it. >> very interesting. go. my camera has a light on it, as well. we're here to talk about sports. kenny mayne, stan verrett. let's start with boston college and syracuse, syracuse, 25-0 at home. olivier hanlan able to score. he ties the game at 50. under ten seconds to play, rakeem christmas, nothing under the tree for him, which may go to overtime. >> those uniforms. >> under a minute to play. in overtime, boston college down 1. patrick heckmann says what the heck, man. boston college at one, under ten seconds to go, syracuse down 3. can they find the magic again? not this time. boston college, the worst winning percentage by a team to beat the a.p. number one team ever.
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they came in just 6-19. we're out. back to you. that's it. we're out. back to you. >> we get the play of the day from high school any way. we think sit the play of the day. seconds to go here. ty mcdonald misses a crucial free-throw. his teammate can't put it in either. >> so everyone scrambles for the ball but ty retrieves it. without looking, check it out, flips it right in the basket. goes right in and it's from outside of the three-point line.
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>> check it out, check it out, check it out. that's crazy. awesome. >> incredible. up next, "the pulse" from bachelor to salesman, the commercial starring juan pablo that most of you probably haven't seen. plus life outside the white house, george w. bush talks about the one thing he misses most about being president. is i. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto. like warfarin, xarelto is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. so jim's not tied to that monitoring routine. [ gps ] proceed to the designated route.
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jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto. once-a-day xarelto means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit all right, time for "the pulse," and we start with our man from abc's "the bachelor." >> of course, we're talking about juan pablo. now we know he's searching for love, but we never thought we'd see him like this. >> good morning. anything catch your eye? >> i do. i mean i'm just looking. >> okay. can i help you? >> oh, i'm just looking too.
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>> juan pablo there in the first of four commercials for an upstate new york appliance dealer. >> you know, he played soccer in college with the owner's brother-in-law and said that's why he accepted the invitation to appear in the spots, and juan pablo received an undisclosed fee for his appearance, but that's kind of a distant connection there to say yes. i'm surprised. >> this might be the first of many. why not. all right. let's talk about former president george w. bush. he's kept a low profile since leaving the white house five years ago. >> but president bush just admitted that he misses at least one presidential perk, and he joked about the fringe benefit during an event in dallas yesterday. >> i mean, i miss people i served with, and i miss air force one. [ laughter ] i mean, in eight years they never lost my baggage. [ laughter ] >> he's quite funny in his retirement years, isn't he? >> yeah. >> mr. bush speaking there about learning a new skill poking fun at his foray into the world of art. he says years ago his wife
4:24 am
didn't think she was marrying an oil painter. have you ever seen his paintings? >> yeah, he's actually quite talented. right, okay. well, it is not enough that pope francis fights nonbelievers, heretics and the world's social ills. now he's got to battle the weather. yeah, the wind was his biggest adversary during his general audience in st. peter's square yesterday. >> check that out. it's said that some clergy are windy, but that's a little ridiculous. still throughout it all, pope francis showed us the patience of a saint. >> and you see him. he kept his hands folded so perfectly, so calm and still even as he's getting smacked in the face. >> do you think he was praying for divine intervention as that was smacking him in the face there saying, help me get through this? >> you know, he's always so calm and cool that he's just showing yet again that nothing fazes this guy. >> i see the late night comics having a lot of fun with that one, don't you? >> i can only imagine the commentary, yes. >> i see a top ten list of things the pope was thinking while this was happening. >> for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo, here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with the pleasure of sitting next to you. >> good morning, here is a look from mount tamalpais. you can see it looks clear. we have dry air. temperatures are 5 to 10 degree cooler than yesterday. as we move through the afternoon we will see an increase in the high clouds and mid-level clouds that remain cry. -- remain dry. your lips could chap and hands are dry but temperature are above normal from upper 50's to low 60 at the coast and up to 70 around the bay and inland. it is dry this morning and we hope the commute is better. >> good morning, everyone. it is a nice dry ride.
4:29 am
we do not have accidents. the congestion is not bidding, 24 minutes westbound 580 from tracy to dublin. and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17-minute commute. a look across the san mateo bridge shows it is wide open. just a short nine minute commute away from hayward to foster city with the headlights in the eastbound direction are a quick drive. >> 4:29. we have developing news from the south bay where the only winning powerball ticket for the $425 million drawing was sold. amy hollyfield is at the chevron ion in milpitas where the ticket was sold. you are here working, amy, i guess you didn't buy it. >> it wasn't me. we do nut know who bought it, a new millionaire has not come
4:30 am
forward but the owner of the store get as payout of $1 million to the lucky owner. the ticket that was winning, was the only winner with all six numbers. according to a lottery spokesman, the winner gets $242.2 million lump sum pay off. everyone now is wanting to know, who won? the clerk who was working here yesterday speculating that the ticket was sold yesterday. >> i was working last twelve hours and it was a we difficult day. i think it is yesterday. >> two lucky ticket holders matched five of the since numbers so they will get a nice fat check, as well. >> that will not affect the grand prize. this the second time in two month as winning ticket has been sold here in the south bay, california lottery spokesman says that is pretty amazing. in the


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